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Even before its inception, our founders’ attitudes to the work of EZENTIAL CORPORATION have been dominated by four major aspects: responsibility, initiative, quality and a passion for innovation.

As testimonials, our works have been featured in major radio and TV shows here and abroad long before the company was incorporated. Our product, REDJUICE, has been featured on at least 7 leading dailies and magazines. Overall, there were countless media exposures; many of them were aired and published even before our Company came into existence.
Just 3 months after our initial product launching, we have been invited and joined trade fairs respectively held at Fairflex Convention Center, Pomona and Los Angeles Convention Center, both in California, and also in Secaucus, New Jersey, USA.

As young as we are, we have been privileged to conduct product and business presentations to various groups abroad.
In less than two years since 2007, our product, REDJUICE, became available in over 1,000 outlets nationwide; primarily Mercury Drug stores (about 700 outlets), Watson’s (100+ outlets), Rustan’s Supermarket, Shopwise, and others.
In July 2008, REDJUICE became available online for the North American Market. Afterwards, individual orders were sent directly to Malaysia, Hong Kong, Japan, Guam, Hawaii, The Middle East, United Kingdom, Ireland, Sweden, Paraguay, etc. This was made possible by our trusted partners in the USA.

Our success today and in the future is based wholly on our faith in GOD and the commitment of our workforce; which includes some of the most talented, experienced and knowledgeable people in their respective sectors worldwide.
Our Company’s goal is not only to become a leading global trading company but also to become one of the most respected companies in its chosen field. To realize such goals, we are dedicated to employ, enhance and combine the in-depth knowledge of all available methods and technologies used in modern times. And with a vast market knowledge and marketing expertise, it will enable us to become a very reliable and well respected partner for our clients.

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